Our Team

Program Manager: Gabrielle Smith


Gabrielle is a third-year Bachelor of Science student double majoring in Human Biology and Biological Anthropology. Her interests in these areas are in developmental and cell biology, and ultimately she wants to pursue a career in research and academia. When not studying, she can be found at her residential college where she is a Senior Resident, drinking too much coffee, doing yoga or exploring events throughout Canberra. Gabrielle grew up in Byron Bay NSW and spent time living and working in Orange NSW before studying at ANU, and having experienced the educational disadvantage regional students face, she joined YLS in 2018 as Student Coordinator to help provide an incredible opportunity to high school students to experience STEM at university.


Outreach and Operations Coordinator: Ali Bulbul


Ali is a fifth-year Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) student majoring in Electronic and Communication Systems. Born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand, he has an extensive background with STEM-related organisations (namely in the coordination of Regional School Outreach workshops designed by both Engineers Without Borders ANU and Engage ANU respectively as a workshop demonstrator since 2015). Extremely passionate about teaching and learning, outside of university he is a practicing Swimming Instructor and is looking to one day also become a piano teacher (to complement his Engineering endeavours). These collective experiences encouraged Ali to apply for YLS in 2017 (as the 1st Education Officer) and continue to provide a learning environment which encourages students alike to ’embrace diversity in ideas’. Ali is also an avid Rugby fan and cricket enthusiast.


Outreach and Operations Coordinator: Atul Sharma


Atul is a fourth year honours student specialising in Chemistry. Born and raised in Seven Hills, Sydney, Atul came to ANU in 2015, and has been a passionate advocate for science and scientific reasoning. He has extensive experience tutoring high school students in maths and science, and is currently a demonstrator for first year labs at the Research School of Chemistry. Atul joined the team in 2018 as a student mentor Outside of academics, Atul is a on-campus student leader helping newcomers adjust to university life, and an avid runner.


Logistics & Finance Officer: Ben Huang


Ben is a 2nd year Master of Project Management student, he did his undergraduate in Construction Management and diploma in Civil Engineering. He worked for few years in building/maintenance management before decided to continue pursuing his study again. He was born and raised in China, has been living in Singapore for the past 10 years. He loves traveling, getting to know different cultures, cooking, photography, scuba diving and adventures.  He also enjoys spending his time volunteering and helping others.


Marketing & Sponsorship Coordinator: Sophie Peel


Sophie is a third year Bachelor of Science student majoring in Human Biology specialising in Genetics. Her passion for science became prominent in high school, with areas such as anatomy, genetics and chemistry piquing her interest. Youth Leading in STEM was exactly the program Sophie was interested in being involved in as she believes everyone should have the chance at studying science no matter what their background is or how much confidence they have in themselves as it is such an important area which will remain extremely relevant in the world in the future. Sophie loves travelling, playing soccer, spending time with family and friends and being outside.

Education Officer: Oliver Pulsford


Ollie is a second year Bachelor of Philosophy (Science) student majoring in physics and mathematical modelling. Originally from Perth, this is his first year with YLS and he’s enjoying every minute! His hobbies include cooking, rowing, reading, and running. When not studying Ollie can be found exploring the incredible national parks around Canberra or by Sullivans’ creek with his head buried in a book. He is extremely passionate about science and believes that everyone deserves a chance to learn in an engaging and dynamic environment.

Volunteer Coordinator: Georgia Baines

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Georgia is a second year Bachelor of Medical Science Student aiming to go into Medicine in postgraduate studies. Originally from Sydney, she wanted to broaden her horizons on life and move to Canberra and aim to be more involved in STEM and volunteering opportunities. She is extremely passionate about the brain and psychiatry in particular and loves working with younger children and helping them find their passion too. She can be found riding her bike around the lake, debating with anyone about anything or having her own mini dance party anywhere she is going when the headphones are in.