What We Do

Youth Leading in STEM is a program that aims to give students from regional, disadvantaged, and/or low-SES, NSW and ACT schools a taste of STEM at the university level, exposing them to a wide range of subjects offered at The Australian National University. The program is open to students from years 9 and 10, and as passionate advocates for gender equality in STEM, we encourage schools to nominate equal numbers of male and female or gender-nonconforming students.

Our main activity is a 3-day educational event, run at The Australian National University, Canberra held in June. Our 2019 camp will be held 27th-29th June 2019. Following on from this, for the remainder of the year, the students will participate in a mentorship program, guided by ANU students currently undertaking degrees in STEM, whereby students will collaborate to undertake a community-based project that puts their knowledge in science, engineering and technology into practice. The registration cost for students is only $20, with food and accommodation provided for the duration of the event. Interested teachers attend with no costs incurred.

Youth Leading in STEM an initiative of Engage University Outreach, Engineers Without Borders ACT, and Robogals ANU, who have conducted workshops in many schools such as yours. Our workshops are designed in conjunction with the ANU and incorporate the university’s pedagogy, facilitated by our above listed partners and staff and students from across academic colleges at the ANU. As part of the 3-day event, students are engaged across a wide array of hands-on workshops in varying subjects covering everything from medicine and biological sciences, chemistry, physics and engineering and computer science. We also aim to teach skills in leadership, teamwork and problem solving, as these skills underpin the collaborative nature of STEM fields.

Youth Leading in STEM began in 2017, and for our third year we are inviting more schools and students to attend and expanding the educational workshops we offer. For more information please contact us and to apply see the ‘Apply’ page for instructions. For a detailed itinerary, please email us at youthleadinginstem@anu.edu.au.


2017 YLS attendees visiting Mount Stromlo Observatory


2018 YLS attendees in the Ian Ross Building, ANU